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Vivi Bach

- actress, singer, moderator, designer & artist - 

Vivi Bach. Private photo. Photographer unknown

Vivi was born on September 3rd 1939 as Vivi BAK in Copenhagen/ Denmark. First she became famous in her home country as a singer, than also as an actress. Because of her carisma, Vivi was called the "Danish Brigitte Bardot", also film producers in Germany recognized her talents. Between 1958 and 1974 she appeared in more than 50 movies and TV-productions. In 1964 Vivi met the Tyrolean actor Dietmar Schoenherr. They married in December 21th 1965. Together with Dietmar she moderated the legendary TV game show "Wünsch dir was", which was on screen in all German-speaking countries between 1969 and 1972. By the way: Vivi was the only female member of the crew!

  But Vivi also has had a lot of other creative talents. She worked as a designer and got several prizes, for example for her wall-paper designes.

  In 1971 she published her first "children´s book" for adults, "A kid of Copenhagen" with her own illustrations. Other paintings were presented on exhibitions in several countries.

  Later on Vivi supported her husband Dietmar in his peace and humanitarian engagement for Nicaragua.


  After a fall Vivi went blind on one eye. Also she became a cardiac pacemaker. More and more she needed Dietmars help and he did everything for his great love.


Vivi Bach died on April 22th 2013 in Santa Eularia/Ibiza. Together with the ash of her husband Dietmar, who died July 18th 2014, their urns were entombed in the nearby bay were they lived on Ibiza.


Gallery of Vivis and Dietmars estate



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